How I work

Watch this video to find out more about how I work.

I work online, via Zoom Meetings.

I also offer face to face counselling in my counselling room at home, a special space inside the house but isolated from the main building.

Clients love coming here because of this location and its sightseeing to the hills.

They tell me that the journey to get here means a lot for them, they feel like they’ve gone on a little holiday when they get here.

You want to live a fullfilled, satisfying life, and it’s within your reach, but sometimes it’s hard to understand what you might need to do to get there.

Or maybe you know very well what doesn’t work in your life, but fears and procrastination drive you to go on with your daily life without making any changes.

You feel unsatisfied even though your life looks good from the outside… people tell you that you have such a good life!

I heard this sentence many times, addressed to me or to my clients.

I have felt this since my early childhood, I didn’t know what that sensation meant, but I was strongly determined to find out my self.

On your terms.

The counselling room becomes your space.

We can talk about whatever you want. There is no judgement. You can expect to be understood.

A trustful and safe relationship is my way of working with you.

A relationship where you learn to see your personal beauty, by building a relationship that mirrors who you are, without any fear about cultural background, sexuality choices, or life needs.

A relationship that enhances your self-esteem and capacity to deal with life events.

I will also give you the choice of working with some creative tools like drawings, writings, music that allow to a self-disclosure, useful for transforming your life.

I am constantly updating my knowledge, so I can support my counsellings even better as time goes on.

A very good way to achieve this is to be online within some professional Facebook and LinkedIn groups, where I can exchange reflections with my colleagues around the world and be challenged to learn and improve my professional skills and education.

Contact me if you’d like to find out more or to book an initial session with me.

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