A space for Children and Young people

The choice to become a counsellor came after volunteered in an organization which helped kids with their homework (tutoring) and we also looked after them while their mothers were at work.

I also worked as a librarian, organizing many events for children, we had lots of fun in our small but busy library!

I also worked as an employee in schools, directly with the students.

After my daughters grew up, and having ended my school job, I started studying to become a counsellor.

Our home was always full of children and young people because I love them and enjoy to understand their thoughts.

You can imagine a home with kids camping everywhere, a few rules and boundaries were needed, but everyone was happy!

What could be more beautiful to witnessing children become men and women?

Similarly, what could be more beautiful than to witnessing my clients find their own self!

I wanted to create a safe space for young people to explore topics like emotions and sexuality, without feeling supervised or questioned.

Young people can send me questions which I will answer anonymously on this page.

I will also add content that will help young people of all ages.

Find out more about how I work via this link.

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